It’s Official …

It’s Official …

HOY2: D206

2017 May 15 [Monday]

2017 ETMC Travels: Sydney Edition
Part I

Six down, Antarctica to go.

YAY!!! *sigh. Obviously, there are still many more countries I need/want to visit, but I feel supremely … grateful and accomplished. Honestly, I don’t really have all that much to say about the trip except that it was a dream come true, magic proven real, an experience I’m still wrapping my mind around as something I [but mostly the lifemate] was/were/am/are even capable of making happen as an adult[s]. Today, now having been home for almost forty-eight hours, the thing pressing so deeply upon my mind is the realization that the lifemate and I were not only able to financially afford a trip like that but also, were able to so easily navigate and meld our lives so quickly into a totally new, foreign place. This may sound crazy, but I think that most Westerners assume that Australia is not really a foreign country because it’s full of white people and is basically an extension of the UK or whatnot, but it IS a foreign country, and you definitely feel it when you’re there. And so, with that in mind, the lifemate and I had a mind-blowingly amazing time there.


I don’t really want to go into day-by-day, diary-type details like I did for our Vancouver trip, but I suppose I should write a few more pressing details for the sake of posterity. I’ll save the truly great details and private matters private, safely written in a diary bought expressly for that purpose. Anyway. Also, I pretty much forgot to bring my camera with me for like the first three days, and when I did have it, we were having such a great time that I usually forgot to snap a pic. So, sadly, there are not as many pictures as I would like, but there are pictures, and I will edit them throughout this next week and post them to my photography site, Find.Yummy.Love. Since, like I stated above, I did not take pics every day, I will organize the photos by location and/or theme.

We left our apartment in Seoul at 0930 on Wednesday, May 03, 2017 for a 1445 flight. We arrived in Sydney at around 0830 on Thursday, May 04, 2017. Our Airbnb’s check-in time was at 1500, so, we had to burn quite a few hours before we could check in. Obviously, we were carry-on only, so we hopped on the airport train [a huge rip off by the way! … more details about that in a later, informational post, perhaps] and headed downtown. By 1030ish, we were downtown, dropping off our luggage at a temporary storage facility where we met Marcia, the owner of the storage services. From 1100 – 1500 we walked and walked and walked the majority of the downtown metropolitan area of Sydney. We walked from World Square up toward the harbor, perused the Martin Place walking mall and stopped in at a Tesla, then headed onward up to the Museum of Contemporary Art at the foot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and were thoroughly disappointed in the lackluster appearance and general awe-less-ness of the Sydney Opera House, then walked through the Royal Botanic Gardens down toward Hyde Park.


On the way, we stopped to eat our first meal … a delightful salami panini sandwich, where we met two birds totally cracked out on sugar, then we walked through Hyde Park and then crossed town again toward Darling Harbour when we stumbled upon a Vietnamese restaurant where I ate my very first Bánh mì. The damn thing blew my mind. On the road again back toward Darling Harbour, we found a place called the Chinese Garden of Friendship and thought that that sounded like a nice place to go, but we were so burnt out and my feet hurt so bad at this point [we had been “homeless” for over twenty-four hours at this point and had spent every single one of those hours traveling in some form or fashion] that once we found a nice place to sit, we sat. Once 1430 rolled around, we made our way back to our luggage so that we could check-in. On our way back, we were distracted by an old comic book store that was going out of business, and the lifemate bought me two comic books. I’ve never read a comic book before, and I still haven’t. I’ll bust into them soon! Anyway, we fetched our luggage and hopped in a cab to our Airbnb place on Bondi Road [a hop and a skip from Bondi Beach, we were to soon find out!, but actually we knew already since that was the main reason we booked the place, but we had no idea it was sooo close].

And then the only drama of the trip unfolded. We arrived at around 1515 only to find that the key that was supposed to be in the place to where we were directed was not there. After about an hour of mild stress, I thought that I might die of foot pain. Luckily, everything got sorted out after the owner realized that he had not communicated the directions to us properly. We, of course, proved this little fact to him by taking a screenshot of the message the owner sent us, and the owner promptly apologized and even gave us a little refund for our troubles. Keys in hand, we finally entered the apartment building only to find out that the elevator was broken, and we were housed on the tenth floor. Yeup. The day just could not end. I was on the verge of tears, but the lifemate, being the BAMF that he is, hauled both our bags up the stairs since I was about to lose it, and once we were inside, I was a very happy girl. The lifemate then promptly emailed the owner about the elevator, and the owner said that he had just received the news that morning, which was a total crock cause the sign on the elevator button was dated April 26th. No matter, the apartment itself was beautiful, modern, had a great view, was clean enough as long as you didn’t look too closely, and had a porch! Excited to finally have a place of our own, we attempted to nap but were unsuccessful. Thus, we showered unpacked and hit the beach in search of some beez to smeez. No luck, which is a story unto itself, but perhaps a story best left untold for now. Being as it was that we were in the southern hemisphere, the sun was already set at 1800, so we had a nice evening stroll along Bondi Beach, which was a quick, easy walk from our place. By 1930 we were back on Bondi Road heading toward Kemeny’s for some groceries for dinner. We thought it would be fun to make our first night of vacation a traditional sort of charcuterie meal, and so, we bought all the meats, cheeses and breads along with a bottle of Bulleit bourbon [my fave]! I don’t remember exactly what time we passed out, but I know we did not make it until 2200.

So, there’s Day 1 for ya. I guess I do want to share all the details, but perhaps I don’t actually. We’ll just have to see. I’ll sum up the next few days all together in the next post and the next few days after that … or maybe I won’t. Until then … stay tuned to my photography site for new trip pics every day this week. Laters!


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