62 days of fruitlessness

62 days of fruitlessness

Well, I was ruminating for quite a while before falling asleep last night about what I would write today, and realized that I would probably find this little entry much more challenging than I had anticipated. Firstly, the challenges, I assumed, would revolve around the fact that I’m feeling figuratively and literally quite slow. Figuratively, my mind feels as thought it’s running slower than say, when I was in the throws of my 200-day writing endeavor. Literally, since Ee and I refused to workout during the blistering months of July and August (although, I think we actually did run and strength train through most of July), I also run very slowly but not as slowly as I had assumed before we started hitting that concrete again on Tuesday. Secondly, well … I think all of my challenges are regarded in terms of my being figuratively and literally out of shape. I haven’t written anything since finishing my manuscript, and I haven’t exercised since either.

As far as other ruminations are concerned, I am considering another break from social media, all of it: the How.Odious blog and Instagram. I don’t have any qualms with find.yummy.love, simply because it has so much history, and I’ve never fallen into a sort of immediacy trap with that space. Despite my desire to quit it all, I find my new “vision” on Instagram quite satisfying. I’ve been uploading little tidbit-type videos and find it fun and entertaining. I like making videos but hate gathering footage. The whole “need for content” that social media demands makes me loathe the whole endeavor.

Today marks the first day of my one-metric-month (or 100-day [98 days, exactly]) work-flow schedule, which will end on December 14, 2017. I need to get the damn manuscript edited, and I want to finish that 800-page monster, The German Genius by Peter Watson. I would also like to get back into a fit writing form and learn some German. I’ve also realized I work really well under time constraints and goal achievement. If I am successful over these 100 days, I will have had a really productive year. I realized that the December 14th date was ringing some bells, so I just looked up when I started my two metric months of manuscript writing, and lo and behold, those two hundred days started on December 14th of last year. Strange. Anyhow, if I am successful, that means that I will have accomplished 300 days of very productive writing and reading and creative endeavors, worked an actual job for 15 days, excluding weekends, leaving a mere 62 days of rest/fruitlessness. That’s including the Sydney vacation and the forthcoming Chuseok and Christmas holidays. Wow … impressive.

*sigh. I suppose that’s about it. I have more catching up to do since I haven’t written about my life on the old platform in months now. Perhaps I will take this first week to “catch up.” For now, I got a late start to this first day of work, so I gotta get to those manuscript pages.


p.s. check the “crying pink girl” notebook for all the deets regarding the goals and schedule for this newest one-metric-month endeavor.