Truth Without

Truth Without

To wait for the truth to rise

Cordiality and brutality rarely, if ever, go hand-in hand. But who says that the two cannot coexist well in the light of genuine care and concern? Cordiality, in essence, requires the diminutive effect of not saying what one would prefer or desire to say, a withholding perhaps, restraint, or put another way, lies at the expense of good intentions. Brutality, however, positions itself in the seemingly obvious state of carelessness, a lack of concern, the means justifying the end, the cause of purpose at the expense of feelings and warmth. Whether or not the truth can ever be told under either condition is hard to say, much less prove, but one thing can be known for sure, someone will always be offended when an attempt at the truth, no matter the method of delivery, is spoken aloud.

Waiting in vain …

… vanity as wanting someone to look at and then acknowledge you

It hurts. It stings. It, as simply as can be, sucks to know that perhaps, you’re wrong; you made a bad decision; the life you live is despicable, shameful, amoral, ignorant, anything that goes against how awesome and amazing you tell yourself you are or must be! Cordiality, then appears to be the best, most effect method for conveying some truth. But will the recipient fully grasp the extent of the point? Brutality, then. A straightforward, nonsense version to lay it out there. But will the recipient even hear you if the harshness of the form shuts them down before the point is made?

DO, DOING as HOPE’s antithesis

What then must one do to speak what needs to be spoken with the assurance that the words will be heard and a guarantee that the words will be understood? Sometimes this is what people must mean when they say that a thing is impossible. Thus, the inevitable: Truth cannot survive against the unwilling. How many individuals do you know willingly surrender to the reception of truth? The world it seems, is not full of truth receptors, and so, reality surfaces and shows us that people would rather not know anything true at all if it goes against what they want to believe as truth. Perhaps. Hopefully not.