Relief Relieved

Relief Relieved


He inhales for one last time until he exhales hard. Relief. Release. She screams in ecstasy at the whole-body feeling of orgasmic delight. He flops over and rests his body fully on top of hers. Quick, her breath won’t catch. She wiggles him off her. The two lying side by side, smile, refreshed, relaxed at the sensation of connectedness, togetherness, the sheer closeness of sharing a body, if only for a moment.



“Dad,” the girl states to no answer. “Dad,” she tries again, and this time receives a dull, “Huh,” in return. “Dad, you forgot to pack my lunch for school.” “What?” her father blankly states as if answering a question with his question. “Today, I didn’t have any lunch at school,” she attempts to explain one more time. “Lunch? No, I’m not hungry, Hon. Thanks.”



[2 different prompts ea. 2 MIN]