“But it’s like they say, ‘the second mouse gets the cheese.’” “Yea, but what does it say about a person, as a whole, when he … or she needs to live through various metaphors. Or when a person lives only, perhaps, vicariously through them?” “Through what?” “Metaphor.” “I’m sorry; I was confused by your use of pronouns. That’s why I never use them.” “You just used one right now.” “See, that’s what I mean. I have no idea to what you’re referring.”

Out in the beyond, a children’s group begins to sing carols to strangers who pass while walking and enjoying the festivities of the festival. A small nest of chicks is awakened by the sound and begins to chirp along. A moment later, the mother of the chicks returns only to insist that the children cease their cackling nonsense that repeatedly wakes her chicks. One of the small children starts crying after being yelled at by the mother bird in such a hostile tone.

When a song is sung, she too often times wants to punch someone in the face. “It’s a trigger of sorts,” her therapist, Maxine, explains. “Some people have all sorts of different triggers due to traumatic incidents that may have happened to them in the past. Do you recall a time when a particular song was playing during an unpleasant experience?” Maxine jots down a note in her little pad of notes.

When a bird sings, a bird dies. That’s the only reason why birds ever sing. I remember the words of my older brother so vividly, how I would literally wake up and begin crying if I ever heard birds chirping in the morning. It’s why I hate the outdoors. You can’t escape the songs and liveliness of birds whilst outdoors. And then, at some point I learned or discovered that my brother had lied to me. The only revenge I could muster was to kill his cat.

Who sings to wake the birds, if the birds are awoken into song? Someone or something must arise even earlier than early morning birds in order to serenade the birds into a cheerful waking atmosphere. Perhaps it’s something that we humans cannot hear. And then, what do humans wake?, other than other humans. Seriously, what in the animal kingdom could possibly be awoken or disturbed by the waking, returning-to-life noises of human beings?


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