Living Hyperbole

Living Hyperbole

They finally left the house at some point after they realized that they either had become or were the most boring people of all time. Thus, they set off to find the most interesting place in the entire country. After traveling for hours by foot and then bus and then by train and foot again, they climbed a set of stairs for forever. When forever finally came to an end, they found themselves in a dark, lonely alleyway where transients of the hooker and drug-addicted types (and where somehow, transgendered people were lumped in as being equally deviant) roamed the streets and lurked in corners luring eyes and wallets. Suddenly, a green door appeared out of the misty fog of light rain wishing it were snow, with promises of thirst-quenching delight and mind-blowing fun springing forth from the fireworks that burst overhead. Uncertain but thirsty, they decided to enter through the magical, green swinging door, and as they entered, they immediately knew that they had stepped back through time and space into an Old-Earth realm. 

The green swinging door promptly hit them both on the ass on the way in and then disappeared. Strewn, with what they could only imagine was free money, the walls were covered in the remnants of other passersby’s entire collections of cash. To their surprise, they too were immediately stripped of their cash in exchange for libations and other sustenance that would make them feel giddy and delighted. And then, one of them had had one too many good times.

The boss lady of the realm frowned upon the one while the other danced about with glee in the center of the room. Being scolded by the boss, the one began to cry and cried and cried and cried until everyone in the room cried out, also, in sadness and fear. Eventually the two desired to return to their world, but the boss lady explained how that could not be possible until the hour struck and chimed the alarm announcing that the moonshine was ready to imbibe. Luckily, they had not needed to wait too long until such a time presented itself.

The two sat and watched as multiple other groups of people easily came and went. Eventually, they met another group of stranded travelers and befriended them. Quickly, the hours passed as they chatted, mixed and mingled, until once again, the boss lady yelled at the one for having too much fun. And so, the one cried again as the other finally ushered them out of the place at the sound of the moonshine alarm. Into daylight, the two soaked in the early morning sun.

Mostly asleep, they walked and walked for mile after mile in search of the way home. Along the way, they found food and shelter at an oasis that served the lonely and starved. By pure magic, when they opened the doors to leave the oasis, the doors opened up onto the roof of a large building that sat high above the clouds. Happy and drunk on the fresh air that now surrounded them, they jumped off the rooftop onto the soft billowy clouds and calmly, peacefully fell asleep.