Writing Date VII

Writing Date VII

“The Storm Before The Calm”

A flash of light describes the event not, he says. Everyone always seems to think that a bright light or a projected slideshow of your life passes before you in the final minutes or seconds or nanoseconds of your life. What happens, instead, he suggests, culminates into a vast understanding, the pinnacle of knowledge about yourself. You see yourself the way that others see you. As the you of you fades, as death pulls you from this world of the living, what remains are the swirls and thoughts and memories that other people held, that other people hold, the perception of others regarding the you, you were.



“To Where”

She always found the task of looking back on the year past as the new year dawns trite, meaningless, hopeless. Perhaps, though, a look back helps obtain perspective on all of the places she has been, both figuratively and literally. Where she has been, thus represents a life lived surprisingly well, surprisingly muchly. But again, she finds herself caring not. And so, what she really wants to know, now, defines, encapsulates where she wants and needs to go, where she must be.