Seven Breaths

Seven Breaths

One-one-thousand, two-one-thousand, three-one-thousand, four, and then he passes out from the sheer exhaustion of holding his breath for three whole seconds. When he comes to, he tries again and passes out again at four.



With the rhythm of a ticking clock, she inhales for ten beats and exhales for ten beats and repeats the process five whole times. An instructor challenges the class to inhale and exhale for fifteen beats and then twenty and then thirty.



Anxious, she has no idea when he will return, but he said he would, and so, he must. To occupy her mind with some space, she counts each time she exhales until she reaches one hundred, and then she counts each time she inhales until she reaches one hundred. He’s still not back.



She hates it when people remind her to breath. “No one needs reminding,” she snaps; “Obviously, I’m breathing!” The person from whom the idiotic advice sprang forth lurches back both out of fear and hatred.



Release the cat, the boy will not. Angrily but also playfully, the boy lets the cat wriggle free only to be entrapped by his sister. The girl reaches down and presses the cat’s chin hard into the ground. “I’ll let you go once you meow ten times!” the girl shouts at the panicked creature.



“You only get fifty thrusts and one hundred deep breaths to cum, at which point I leave you and your blue-balls, cum-less and hanging,” the woman explains. “What?” the naked, erect man asks, slightly bewildered.



The woman and man look at each other. With 46,329,728 breaths left, they attempt to figure out the math on how much life is left within them. Approximately five years, they decide, if they don’t exercise. They kiss and determine to waste a few good breaths on a great fuck.


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