She locked herself in there after the cat ran up onto the couch, pounced on her and scratched her face. She had never met or even seen a cat before, and the person with whom she currently resides had not informed her of such a creature residing within the house. Hence, the closet, now. She can hear the cat scratch at the door and jumps with a simultaneous outburst of breath. How does the cat know she is in there? she murmurs silently to herself. 



It was hidden in the closet out of fear that someone would stumble upon it without her consent and thereby see the box that held all of her secrets. Of course, the box itself is an ordinary old thing that stores shoes in shoe stores and transports them from said store to the new owner’s desired location. But if the box were opened by some anybody, she would die from embarrassment, she is sure. She doesn’t even know, herself, what sorts of secrets are collected inside, but she knows that they’re there.



He can’t find the damn thing. He’s certain that he left his good sport coat here after a particularly amazing fuck they had together only a week or so ago, but what has she done with the damn thing now? He rummages around the laundry basket and then her drawers and closet, and finally looks in the front closet and finds nothing. And then, he searches in the bathroom for some reason, and there it is, in the linen closet, folded neatly on top of a pile of neatly folded towels.



“There’s a door in this room,” she points out as they examine the apartment for rent. “Okay, well open it,” he suggests with a shrug, as if the solution is obvious. “Obviously, but it’s locked,” she sasses. The landlady walks in as they both stand at the locked door. “What’s this door for?” he asks. “I’m not sure. It’s been locked for as long as I can remember,” the landlady explains. “Can we get it open to see what’s inside?” she asks. “Uh, maybe. I’ll have to make a few calls,” the landlady informs.



She’s been piling up all of her clean clothes on top of her overstuffed dresser and chair and nightstand for the past few weeks, and her mother has lost her patience. She doesn’t know what to do exactly, but whenever her mother attempts to open her closet, the girl throws a fit. When her mother asks her what the hell her problem is, the girl breaks down and cries until her mother drops the subject to console her daughter. Eventually, the girl tells herself, she’ll have to show her mother her bloodied undies.



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