You Matter …

You Matter …

… unless you’re nobody.

The hardest thing to do, sometimes, is nothing. In that place where nothing happens, however, the mind reveals itself. Productivity, the people who convince others that productivity, progress, the doing of things leads to enlightenment blatantly lie in the name of selfish promotion. The telling, disguised as guidance, is the productive person’s productive thing that they “did” that day. Do not fall into the trap and buy into the pyramid. To be truly prosperous (the actual goal, one assumes) requires or demands focus, and those who prosper know this. The productive, however, know that most people—themselves included—lack the necessary tools and/or intelligence to be truly prosperous or believe that prosperity requires luck or that productivity is the same thing. And so, the lie unfolds to distract the minds of those who aspire to be productive as opposed to prosperous.

The deceit works brilliantly to busy the mind away from itself. Without knowing who you are, you cannot know who you are. And when the mind believes that it ought to think about trivialities such as organization, planning, maintaining the appearance of, doing things that take money as opposed to doing things that create money, believing that hard work pays off, blaming the symptom rather than the cause, developing the brand of YOU, the mind forgets to learn about itself for the sake of its own self. A mind that ceases to learn about itself is a mind that no longer learns anything at all.

This, of course, does not equal selfishness. Instead, the development of the self makes known the impossible reality that there are only two types of people in this world: You and Others. And most of the time, you will have to interact with others. To do so without understanding the self is to do so mindlessly, and mindless interaction seeps through a civilized society like smoke in a firestorm.

Do not listen to them—the productivity gurus. They do not want you to succeed; they want to succeed. Instead, listen to yourself. What do you want to know? What do you need to learn? You matter. Who you are matters. Busying yourself with “productivity” removes you from yourself, which essentially means you are nobody. The only way to matter is to be somebody. Focus on the who of you, and you will produce within yourself a being who is capable of anything. That anything will eventually turn into something, and then that something will make you somebody. Obviously, if you would rather do than be, then by all means, continue on, be productive.