As Planned

As Planned

No one could tell her what to do no matter how sound or helpful the advice turned out to be. But being as cunning as she was, her sister knew that the only true way to get her to do anything was to tell her the opposite of whatever it was that you wanted to have her do. And so, she made a plan to convince her sister to take her out to the mall, even though, what she really wanted was for her to stay home.

As petty as this may seem, it was the simplest thing she could think of. Her sister, after all, was simple of mind, and of course, she knew this through her sister’s choice of boyfriend. She was only about ten years old when her fifteen-year-old sister brought home this particular boy, and that was exactly when she had learned all that she would ever have to know or learn about her sister and, let’s be frank, about relationships. The boy was a fool, and thus, she related that her sister was also, unfortunately.

It’s been two whole years now, and this fool of a sister still dates this fool of a boyfriend, but now, she’s much older, much wiser, much more in tune with what she is capable of. Perhaps, then, the plan to sabotage this boyfriend, after what he did to her, would come at a cost—the cost of losing her sister. She doesn’t care. Fools will always be fools. The only thing that matters now is selfish vengeance.

The plan unfolds as such: She will request that her sister drive her to the mall. Knowingly, her sister will deny this request, leaving the three of them alone at the house until mom and dad get home hours later. In the meantime, she will insist on making dinner, which will inspire her sister to make dinner instead. While distracted with cooking in the kitchen, she will unfurl her plan to seduce the boyfriend just enough to get close enough to him while his guard is down to kick him in the balls.

She’s never seduced anyone before, and she’s fairly certain she doesn’t know how, but she’s seen enough movies and watched her sister do it, so she’s feeling confident albeit nervous. She hears her sister pull into the drive with the lame old beau in tow. “Hey!” she yells out as cheerfully as she can as the two enter the house. “What’s up?” the sister responds. “Take me to the mall, will ya?” she asks with little to no show of excitement or care. “Yea, sure. Let me change,” the sister acknowledges.


Exercise Explanation: Off the writing prompt “She knew it would hurt, but she did it anyway,” I constructed the first paragraph, and then, my writing partner decided how the rest of the story would unfold.