All he ever wanted was to consume her; all of her is all he wanted. Nothing more really. She had consumed all of his thoughts, as of late, and so, under the light of mischief, he plotted and schemed and felt utterly pleased with his new intention, his new delight.

It was, at this time, that the plots and plans began to unravel, began to thin, even before they had been fully hatched. The plan, necessarily ends in the capture of Bina. Whether or not he is capable of letting the thought go, matters little at this point, nevertheless, his reality begins to dawn on him. Is he really capable of harming her bodily self in order to enjoy her entirely? But then, she’d be gone. Consumed. Essentially part of him but not fully herself either.

The thoughts appealed to him greatly, but the thoughts regarding the thoughts haunted him even more intensively. No one is sure what happened first, and no matter what anyone “who knows” says, there is no way of knowing. Instead, simply hear the truth, and the truth is that Bina is nowhere to be found, and everything from his lifeless corpse lies cold on the floor of his own home, everything, that is, except his stomach.



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