What is plot?

What is plot?

… like train tracks.

… like a recipe.

… creating decisions.

… creating action.

… developing characters.

… developing behavior.

… injecting conflict.

… injecting humor.

… a plan to control the mind of the reader.

You have an inkling. You don’t know what it is, but it’s something. A sentence rises out of the fog of your subconscious and brings to your attention the perfect string of words … “She makes a beeline for the shelf.” Why?, you ask yourself. Well, I don’t know. What is she doing there? I don’t know. Another sentence rises … “Hot oozing, something drips onto her head … anger.” Oh, okay, she’s angry. Why is she angry? I don’t know.

Two days go by.

Another sentence rises … “The thought of being alone here perusing the stupid fucking shelves of a bakery that over charges on items that taste like shit! makes her want to weep in the aisle, in front of a store full of strangers, but she’s not crazy.” Oh, okay, well what the fuck is wrong with her? I don’t know.

A week later.

etc. etc. etc.