an ‘acquaintance’

Of course, the Listmaker LIVES on the Listmaker’s Ranch, for it is his ranch, after all. Oh, shit, do you know that he’s a he? Right, that’s right. Okay, we’re okay. So, yes, of course the Listmaker lives on his ranch, and this means that he would probably tell you that … wait. I’m sorry. Perhaps I shouldn’t be telling you about the Listmaker or the Ranch. Who are you again? Okay, and why are you inquiring here? The incident? What incident? KILLED? A man was KILLED in the Listmaker’s home? This cannot be right. Well, let’s see. Are you sure that the man wasn’t just left there for dead, somehow? What do you mean HOW would someone get there? You know as well as anyone that only a … oh, I mean, yes, of course, absolutely, um … that is quite unfortunate that a man was found dead there, but I can guarantee you that the Listmaker did not do this. How am I sure? How am I SURE? Uh … no I haven’t met him in person, but we correspond. You know, the old fashioned pen pal sort of communicado? We had plans to commune, but you know how things can be. Um, but yes, you know of his … certain … existential crisis? You’re not sure? Well, then, you go along now and just, you know, go. Right? I never spoke a word of this. You never heard a word of this!



via WRTGPRAC’s Daily Writing Prompt No. 033