NOT the Listmaker

Well, you tell me, then. You are, after all, the person who reached out to me. Therefore, I am under the understanding that you know all about the Listmaker. Which means that, if you know about the Listmaker, then you know that, obviously, I do not live on the Listmaker’s Ranch. I am, however, one of the privileged few who have been to the Ranch. I am not, on the other hand, keen on telling that particular story to the likes of you. I will tell you this, nevertheless, in order to perhaps satisfy one itch only to produce another, if you do ever find yourself at the Listmaker’s Ranch, but you won’t, like I said, you’re not the type, but if you were to find yourself there, you will not return back to the reality within which you currently exist. Yes, obviously, dear. Uh huh, yes. That’s right. Apart from time. Oh, please, don’t fret. There are no problems there. However, there is a small problem here. For instance, you. You are becoming a problem simply because a number of people under my employ have brought you to my attention. This means that you are a problem here. I’m sorry? Oh, yes. Of course, no one likes problems. No need to apologize, dear. Just acknowledge your understanding of your … particular mortality, and please, do not linger.


via WRTGPRAC’s DWP No. 034