‘Orbital Living’

[an excerpt]

Chances are, you are not ready to live on Orbitals. A few, perhaps, have already been living their lives in such a way as to make them good candidates for Orbital Living, but the rest remain largely unable. Nevertheless, if you do believe yourself to be the type of person who would not only survive but also, THRIVE under the conditions set forth by the Bromides of the Orbital Naturalization Governance, take a quick peek at our Four Points of Assessment to find out whether or not you qualify for further consideration. First, though, find out what Orbital Living means, not only to you but also, in reality! Argus Pntch, a long-time journalist of Orbital Living has returned from a special adventure and has shared it with us all in his new audio piece, “Life on the Orbital,” and we’ve published it here, first!

via WRTGPRAC’s Storytelling Week DWP No. 038