Come, sit.

Lately, all I’ve been feeling is gratitude. My life is not, by any means, perfect or even ideal. Every day’s been a struggle since we repatriated back to the United States late in 2018. Yet somehow, waking up each morning inside my home I look out my window and I begin to understand the weight that we all carry, this INFINITE JEST*, this life. What am I doing here? What are any of us doing here? What does it matter? We’re here; aren’t we? We might as well just take a look at our positionour own UNFAIR station in life. Yes, life is UNFAIR. Life, however, is not NOT FAIR. All men are not created equal. Just take a look around. There are many different types of men of many different shapes, sizes, abilities, qualities. The lesson is that we ought to TREAT each other AS IF all men were created equal. Don’t even get me started on women. Women are born knowing they are queens. We are all aware of our independence. This is why a rift among women will always exist. Men obey the rules of the Alpha Male hierarchical structure. Women subscribe to no such nonsense. The Queens need to work it out, and they’ll work it out in whichever way they see fit, usually with the deftness of a scalpel.

Strange, that was not my point at all. My point is that we all need to accept that LIFE IS UNFAIR. Nobody (god, Fate or otherwise) doles out anything equally. Nothing is doled out equally. Equality is the delusion. This, however, does not mean that we cannot treat everyone as if we are all equal. To state that the world is not fair is to complain that your portion is not as good or as big as someone else’s. To know that life is unfair is to reckon with your own abilities, understand the you that only you can be, and finally, be that you with the strengths that you possess. Don’t look around to see what you lack. Close your eyes or your ears but especially your mouths and just relax. Take a deep breath. Feel the you rise within you. Acknowledge that greatness you see. No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, only you can experience this world as YOU. So, go. What are you waiting for? We would all, very muchly, like to hear what you have to say.

*by David Foster Wallace

via WRTGPRAC’s Daily Writing Prompt No. 039 “Year of the Pig”