‘Even’ Pt. 4

‘Even’ Pt. 4

Where is your favorite place to eat al fresco?

Of course, I never live in a house or apartment that does not also include some sort of private outdoor space, be it a front porch—in the case of a house—or an accessible rooftop or substantial yard—when tenanting an apartment. Next.


Who wants to know you more than you do?

Oh, well, this is easy. There’s a Bromide without a name, or perhaps she has a name but I am not privy to such insight. Of course, few are privy to insight. But this is not about that. Anyhow, so this Bromide, she’s a she, and so, I just call her The She or The Woman, but again, this is not about that. Um, of course, I haven’t really been formally introduced, but She has, how do I put this?, traveled me out of space and time in order to have a “sit down” about my behavior as of late. Apparently, She believes me to be an ill-mannered troublemaker, which of course, I cannot disagree, but that shouldn’t mean that I can’t have a little fun. Right? Next.


If you have to either be alone forever or in the company of five people forever, which would you choose?

Of course this is abundantly obvious. I choose the company of five people. Next.


via WRTGPRAC’s 21 Questions focused on Character Development; Questions via DWP No. 048