‘Even’ Pt. 5

‘Even’ Pt. 5

What color never gets old?

Well, of course, there is rarely a time when I notice color for what it is called, and it’s sort of sad, don’t you think?, that colors have to be defined in some way? Have you ever sat and listened to a color explain itself? Probably not, but if you’re ever greeted by Ladybug, it will translate for you, if you’re ever so lucky. Next.


What song never gets old?

What do you mean, when you say “song”? … Oh, right. Okay, I think I understand. I’m not sure if I can’t even really relate to this question, but I suppose I really enjoy, those um, Christmas songs? They always—and I mean always, no matter when or where—have such a lovely, lively, airy, happy, joyful tune to them, always. Next.


Who is the most uncool person you know?

By “person” you mean a human from Earth? Okay, sure. Let’s see, I don’t know if I’m a good judge of coolness, but I do know this one person who, oh, right a man, he’s a man, and I had the unfortunate opportunity to interact with him, and I suppose, while we were chatting, he flashed me his genitalia for some reason. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems with the human form; I get it, but it doesn’t really do much for me, and to be so motivated to show someone the bits that really ought not be seen unless, of course, intercourse is the end goal, then who would ever need to see your reproductive organs? Well, of course, I just gave him a strong knee, and as he keeled over, I whispered in his ear, “A man who is his penis is a man who has nothing but it.” Next.


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