‘Even’ Pt. 7 (The End)

‘Even’ Pt. 7 (The End)

At what point are you no longer living in the now?

This, of course, is a great question. And, of course, every Bromide will have a different answer for you. For instance, I know this … well, never mind because this is not about that. For me, the now no longer is just after the point when the fat face of the moon drop just below the horizon of the purple lake. Next.


What do you want to accomplish today?

Of course, I generally have little to accomplish on any given day, and so, for today, I suppose I would have to say something about how I really would like to finish this interview today. Is that going to be possible? Great! Next.


What do you specifically not want to accomplish today?

Ideally, of course, I would not want to accomplish nothing. Next. Oh, really. Well, goodbye then.


the final day of the seven-day, 21 Questions | Character prompts from WRTGPRAC‘s Daily Writing Prompts