You, Dance!

You, Dance!

And you can’t put your finger on the impulse, but it’s strong. Whenever you see Paul Rudd dance, as you are well aware, you cannot deny how greatly you enjoy the specific quirkiness of his body’s movement to a beat. There he is, entertaining an audience for their pleasure, and immediately, he breaks out into lip-synced song and dance. At first, only allowing for the slightest hint of satisfaction, a tiny smile pulls itself free from your self-consciousness. Never allowing anyone any true insight into your likes and dislikes, you generally shy away from expressing your true opinion. Depending on how a circumstance presents itself, you determine whether or not the truth is necessary. Whenever the truth deems itself unnecessary, then a smidgen of an opinion will arise. This is all due to the fact that you live by your Four C’s.

And what are your Four C’s. Well, you would probably say something like, “There’s no need for anyone to know anything about any such nonsense, especially with regards to me and my life.” But you also secretly want everyone to know, and so, you really ought to tell them. If you were to tell them, you’d say something like, “My Four C’s, apart from any further definition are as follows: I am not allowed to embody the role of a Curator, Commentator, Critic or Whore.” There you have it, and now you feel better knowing about this smidgen of personal information.

About Paul Rudd, however, and his dancing. You internalize this idea about the way you feel about him when he dances, and you thusly determine to find out exactly what it is about Rudd’s dancing that just tickles you every time. At first blush, you imagine that everyone enjoys the way Rudd dances, but then you realize that that’s impossible. So, you sit and have a think to dissect Rudd’s movement in order to understand the appeal.

Immediately you recognize that his butt wags in such a way that makes him look adept at butt wagging, which is driven by the length of his torso and allows for such ease of pelvic/booty wagging. His torso length, you notice, also strikes a nice—for the efforts of comedy—proportional relationship to his overall height, stature and leg-length, not to mention the large size of his dome, when compared to the slight narrowness of his shoulders. Thus, first and foremost, you determine, Rudd’s general physical structure has most likely determined his general physical movement, when asked or prompted to dance.

The other thing you notice is his free-spirited style of dancing. Perhaps his moves look a bit stiff upon first seeing them, but after you glance at him for a bit, you realize that he actually asserts quite a lot of control over those silly moves. Thus, you can only assume that Rudd must be a good dancer or adept user of his body (which arouses other uncouth assumptions), and that the superficiality of his goofiness is just that, superficial. And so, you enjoy him so much because you enjoy all good dancing.

For you, the best way to spot a truly good dancer from a fraud or poser (a la Natalie Portman) is to watch the way that the “dancer” in question lifts and then continues to hold up his or her arm either out to the side or above the head. The arms! It is within striking this type of posture, you claim, that a person’s grace and/or lack thereof are most easily seen. If this seems unbelievable to you, check it out for yourself. Take a moment and watch someone like, say, Zoe Saldana, and then watch someone like, say, Jennifer Lawrence. You will probably be largely unable to see the difference since they do not dance in film very often (or ever), but just watch the way that they move and hold their bodies. The elegance seen in the former is, unfortunately, greatly lacking in the latter.

In the end, you realize that all of this nonsense is still nonsense despite how much time you spend writing about it. But apparently, you’ve decided for yourself that no matter how unimportant the theme of a writing may be, sitting down and pounding out a few words, in order to exercise different parts of your brain, is never a waste of time. So, as long as time has not been wasted—and even if it is—you remind yourself that none of this matters at all anyway.

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