On Living

On Living

Sometimes you can’t get enough of it; sometimes it can’t get enough of you.

Sometimes it hurts like hell; sometimes you know the pleasure will kill you.

Sometimes you lie to preserve the truth; sometimes you tell the truth to preserve a lie.

Sometimes you hope the end never comes; sometimes all you want is for it all to end.

Sometimes you force yourself to believe that everything will be okay; sometimes okay abandons you.

Sometimes you find yourself in the arms of love; sometimes you find yourself in the grip of hate.

Sometimes you know what the right thing is to do; sometimes you do the right thing.

Sometimes no one else matters more to you than you; sometimes you matter to no one.

Sometimes you get to decide what makes you happy; sometimes happiness decides.

Sometimes you’ll have control over your decisions; sometimes your decisions will control you.

Sometimes the right thing is to do nothing; sometimes nothing is the right thing.

Sometimes the end justifies the means; sometimes the mean justifies an end.

Sometimes I feel like me; sometimes I feel like you.

Sometimes the road leads nowhere, but most often times, nowhere leads to the truth inside you except you.

via the Daily Writing Prompts provided by WRTGPRAC.