The Monitors: Dei

The Monitors: Dei

Unlike most Monitors who are born of and raised by former Monitors to potentially become Monitors, thrust into the world at the moment of birth, Dei is a Monitor. Discovered in her early infanthood manipulating light, Dei, of course, found herself catching the attention of Bromides. Not knowing who they are or what they are all about, Dei felt them watching her and fled the world of men before understanding the enormity of her power. Luckily, however, with her powers being so great, by happenstance, she found herself on the Listmaker’s Ranch.

Confused and afraid, she stood trembling at the foot of the first step onto the porch of the Listmaker’s house. Of course, the Listmaker knew of Dei, but of course, the Listmaker did not fill in the gaps for her. Instead, upon seeing her looking frightful just outside the house, the Listmaker promptly delivered her list to her. Cautiously, Dei accepted the slim roll of paper from the Listmaker, despite not knowing who this person was or what this person wanted.

As the roll sat diagonally across the palm of Dei’s hand, she looked up at the Listmaker and asked, “What is this?” Stern and impatient, the Listmaker looked at Dei and said, “It’s a list.” Pensive, she looked back at the roll in her hand, shimmied the thing to her fingertips, and began opening it. “Not here,” the Listmaker demanded, “Over there.” Following the line off the tip of the Listmaker’s outstretched hand, Dei’s eyes swept over the Ranch until she saw a large red barn in the near distance. “There?” she asked. “Ji has been waiting for you,” the Listmaker responded. “Who’s Jee?” she asked. “Not Jee, Ji,” the Listmaker instructed while turning quickly back toward the front door.

The Listmaker walked away and disappeared into the house. Dei shrugged, “Typical.” Fondling the “list” between the tips of all her fingers, she looked out over the Ranch toward the Barn. Figuring there really was nothing else for her to do, Dei opted to head on over to the Barn to find out who this Ji person was.The only thing she knew for sure was that she did not like the Listmaker.


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