‘Even’ Pt. 7 (The End)

At what point are you no longer living in the now?

This, of course, is a great question. And, of course, every Bromide will have a different answer for you. For instance, I know this … well, never mind because this is not about that. For me, the now no longer is just after the point when the fat face of the moon drop just below the horizon of the purple lake. Next. Continue reading


‘Even’ Pt. 6

How far are you willing to travel to obtain one of your favorite things?

Of course, I will travel any distance to obtain just about anything because traveling great distances is simply not something that’s important to me. The better question might be something like, is there a time to when you’re unwilling to travel? And to that, I’d answer, maybe sometime in the middle to late 20th century in human history. Next. Continue reading

‘Even’ Pt. 5

What color never gets old?

Well, of course, there is rarely a time when I notice color for what it is called, and it’s sort of sad, don’t you think?, that colors have to be defined in some way? Have you ever sat and listened to a color explain itself? Probably not, but if you’re ever greeted by Ladybug, it will translate for you, if you’re ever so lucky. Next. Continue reading

Even’s Accident

What do you mean when you say, “car”? I don’t think that I know what this … thing? … is. Is it a machine of sorts that causes accidents, or what exactly are you trying to communicate to me when you say it was a “car accident”? Continue reading

‘Even’ Pt. 3

Do you have a favorite book?

No, and I’ll tell you why. It wasn’t too long ago that my … uh … mentor … that my mentor told me that there’s nothing a book can teach you that experience can’t teach you better. Of course, I have little to no idea what she meant, but that’s not unusual. Next. Continue reading