Come, sit.

Lately, all I’ve been feeling is gratitude. My life is not, by any means, perfect or even ideal. Every day’s been a struggle since we repatriated back to the United States late in 2018. Yet somehow, waking up each morning inside my home I look out my window and I begin to understand the weight that we all carry, this INFINITE JEST*, this life. What am I doing here? What are any of us doing here? What does it matter? We’re here; aren’t we? We might as well just take a look at our positionour own UNFAIR station in life. Continue reading


No, we’re not woke.

Submitted to the NYT Opinions Column | 20 January 2019

We Millennials have been fortunate enough to not be stricken with the death tolls that traditional wars typically accumulate, thus, we’ve been living under this impression that our generation lives in peace (despite knowing that we do not), lives in reality, harmony, when in reality, we are living our war. The war of our generation is going on right now, right underneath our noses, without our consent, without our even knowing it. And this war is for the Soul of America. And as this is America, this is a war for the Soul of the FUTURE—a future intrinsically tied to technology. Continue reading


“Surviving does not a hero make,” my father, the rueful spirit, states softly with nodding disapproval of my insistence. “But Dad, it doesn’t not matter or whatever. It matters. You know it. This is not the time to be humble. Saving lives, especially the lives of your friends who you were stuck in that shithole with you, that’s no trite matter,” I plead. Continue reading

By Locomotive

If you’ve never ridden the train partially (or all the way) across the country, you ought to. In my view, I see Amtrak as a transportation service that facilitates three distinct economic tiers, and this mixture, along with the days-long, overnight-type long-haul, creates an interesting population within any given train. And so, the three tiers exist as such: the only form of transportation available to you, the transportation method of your choice, transportation as bookends to a luxurious vacation. Amtrak identifies these tiers as Coach, Business, and Sleeper. As a guide for first-time train travelers, I will simply outline the various benefits/drawbacks of each tier, and then, I will divulge some of my personal packing tips. Continue reading

Now, Also Forever: An Adoptee’s Complex

This may sound like a really strange thing to say, but I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I’m an adult. Maybe the notion of realizing something so obvious doesn’t actually sound that ridiculous. Maybe my peers have recently felt or currently feel this way. Maybe other already-deemed-adult adults felt this way in the past. Maybe other aspiring adults have yet to feel this way. Nevertheless, the feeling remains, and I exist not under any delusion that I am unique or special in this feeling. My feeling, however, includes a unique but not altogether special quality; I am a Korean adoptee. Maybe you’ve heard of us?  Continue reading