Off to church I went today, to the grounds where my soul ought to run and play. Instead, there only fraught was found, until, eventually, we all hit the ground. To my steady heart I whispered a plea, “Please, if I die, just let me be.”

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it’s Dei … as in ‘Day’

Hi! My name is Dei, and I am a small, about one-and-a-half or, two centimeters tall celadon pig figurine. Typically, I spend the day perched upon whichever surface my keeper decides requires a bit of luck on any given day. Fortunately, my keeper has a partner who also is a keeper. My keeper’s partner’s lucky pig’s name is Ji. Continue reading

Just Whatever

“Well, of course you just procrastinate. You just make up stuff that makes no sense to you, and then, well, you know, you just sort of come off as a crazy person, and yea, it’s never a bad thing to gain a little pity or, you know, what?, the sympathy card, vote, and like that. Right? Sorry, what was your question?” Continue reading

Dumb Down Man

Obviously, the need to stroke the ego of a woman runs so great that people cry over it, kill over it, die over it. He wants to make sure he sends the right message, but whatever that message ends up being is beyond his control. To do so much is all he could ever really hope to do. Nevertheless, his boss cajoles from him his absolute worst self. Continue reading