She sneaks; she shoves.

Breaking it in is the best way, she knows, to really get to know a new sex toy. This time, the lucky toy is the Ultra Deep, silicon with ribbed glass boning, in a deep, deep, purple. The glass innards can easily slip out of the thing if playtime is less rough. For now, she’ll settle for getting a quick mouthfeel of the thing. Continue reading


The Garden

He always knew that her happiest day would be that fated day when she would die. Now she’s dead. Obviously, he’s not happy, but he is on some level since he knows that all she ever wanted was to no longer be alive. And so, if part with her physically he must, with happiness and goodness, he will and at the very least, selfishly keep her alive by using her physical remains to nourish the garden she tended to every single day, in the long shadow of his envy. Continue reading

Leaving Means Arriving

She never wanted to be here in the first place, so yea, she’s glad to be leaving, but then the reality of the situation dawns on her. Leaving here means arriving somewhere else and that elsewhere is somewhere she also does not know whether or not she will like. She just wants to go nowhere. She wants to be nowhere. And perhaps, this idyllic place is exactly all of the things that she knows she will love and want to be … stay … forever in this place that embodies all of the things she needs in a place with nothing she doesn’t want. Continue reading

As The Only Male

The obvious reason reveals that he loved women and felt threatened by men and so, needed to secure his place within the hierarchy of his workplace by being the only man. The truth, however, remains as such: He wants to work alongside women because the world, after all, has been slowly becoming a woman’s world, and as all men now know, there’s really no way to understand or interact well within the world of women as a man, because frankly, men have no idea what women do or think about or want on any given day. Continue reading

‘First Class Was Not What It Seemed’

One of the ladies begins her spiel over the intercom, “Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Air Canada flight 8109 to Vancouver.” The announcement continues. He looks around and about himself and soon realizes that he can’t really get a good look at anyone else on the flight without literally standing up and taking an awkward look around. Lame. He wants to see who he’s rubbing elbows with, whose air he’s sharing. Continue reading

The Wizard Wanted All The Facts

And he needed or needs to know exactly how the situation unfolded. Was the confrontation instigated by a third party? Who stuck around to watch until the conclusion? Were you directly involved? The small boy looks smug, unmoved, moored to his persistent attitude that it all had really been nothing but a case of mistaken identity. Of course, the wizard, the boy concluded, knew that this could happen to anyone, especially someone as young as he. Continue reading


It was always my grandfather who made me feel feeble even though, in my mind, he was always the one who could not really take care of himself. Of course, there was always help. Grandma still lived, and my parents lived only a few houses down, but it was my grandfather who always made comments about my life and my stature and the choices I made. Continue reading

‘Why now?’

“Why not now?” she demands in the belligerent tone of a teenager. Her father never yells because he feels as though he never needs to. He also knows that after the incident, his daughter could never handle the stress of hearing him yell at her, even if the information is necessary, the tone matters more to him, he knows, than any information he could possibly convey. He takes a deep breath, “Darling. Not now does not mean no never.” Continue reading


Some people do not understand the meaning of meaning, and usually that issue, the misunderstanding or the lack of understanding, bears no issue to resolve the problem at hand. However, she never understood how anything could ever be void of meaning at all. Of course, all things have some sort of inherent meaning. Continue reading