I’ll ask the questions.

“Alright, now remember these … um … questions, and answer them as quick as you can, you hear? Great. Oh-kay, one, What exactly were you trying to accomplish? Two, Who the hell is that guy? Three, What did the little dog play? Oh, shit, no. Not that. Number three, Where or where did the little dog play? Shit! Uh, sorry, yea, I didn’t mean to scare you. Uh, num. ber. FOUR, How long have you know your ‘friend,’ Sarah?  Continue reading


The bias has been confirmed.

We’ve all got something that makes us something.

– the chicken-thigh-(or turkey-leg?)wielding “instruction worker” via The Lego Movie

Yesterday, Ee and I were having some discussion about something neither of us can remember now, but the point of this … bringing-it-up-ness is not about what we were talking about anyway. The point is that at the end of the conversation, he said something like, “You never take my advice anyway, ” to which I responded, Continue reading

Don’t believe them!

The Lego Movie isn’t an anti-capitalist or anti-consumerist or any sort of anti-anything-themed movie. Sure, I wasn’t totally wrong when I wrote: The Lego Movie, a 90-minute ad for The Lego Group. Shamelessly, it’s a full-blown ad for the toy. Nevertheless, it’s also an ad for life, the type of life major corporate heads would love to have come back in fashion, especially since all these free-thinking, gig-economy Millennials are Continue reading

The endless cough

I woke up this morning with an immense case of schadenfreude, but I would not like to go into detail since the possibility of this thing going public still hangs. You, however, (I’m talking to myself) know the circumstances that caused such great pleasure, but just in case, for some reason, you forget what triggered such delight on this particular day, I’ll just say … Continue reading