She laughs.

She laughs.

Running at a full sprint, she rounds the corner toward which she has been running for one full minute. Quickly, she shuffles to a stop and presses her back as close against the brick wall as she can. The hydraulic puff of air. She holds her breath. Read more



All he ever wanted was to consume her; all of her is all he wanted. Nothing more really. She had consumed all of his thoughts, as of late, and so, under the light of mischief, he plotted and schemed and felt utterly pleased with his new intention, his new delight. Read more


‘Between Two Lands’

When someone believes you don’t belong,

it’s their ignorance that’s judging where you’re from.

When they determine you don’t have a home,

remind them that no one really does,

and if your soul and your flesh don’t seem to match,

know that bigots are hard to tell,

and do not fear what those dumbasses may attach,

to the you you’ve cultivated so well.







“I don’t believe in shortcuts,” we hear you say,

but the truth is simply, one hasn’t come your way.

Sad trifles and condemnation against people who gain unearned,

you stifle in stagnation about your intellect sorely spurned.

In fact, people rarely get what they don’t deserve,

yet you complain, create nothing, oh, what the nerve.

What are the chances you’ll wake up to the crushing feeling

that the problem is you who is jealous, always squealing.

No matter how it is that you want to see it,

peeps like you always lose, you’re a fraud, counterfeit.