Queen of the Kardashian Dynasty

Queen of the Kardashian Dynasty

I know what I’m about to say is going to sound utterly ridiculous (and is all opinion and conjecture), especially given my past opinion and view on the person about whom I am about to name and talk. This person is none other than Kim Kardashian. I never thought that in my wildest dreams I would a) willingly write about her b) willingly write positively about her. The thing I want to say, in short, is this: Queen. There is a lot you can say about the woman who is KIM KARDASHIAN, but there is also a lot that people do not say or do not understand, and the reason for this is because Kim Kardashian is truly, quite talented, full of ideas that have actually changed the world and garnered fast-copies. She doesn’t have a job title she can easily explain because her “job” does not exist. She is literally creating a new form or type or way to be employed. Of course, I will not go to such lengths as to support my arguments with proof and/or evidence and/or scientific literature. We are all simply going to smile and nod and get lost in the reality that Kim Kardashian is, in fact, super famous; does, in fact, wield god-like power over the masses; will, in fact, continue to change, morph, acquire more power, until one day, out of the blue, she will rise and flex all of that might toward something for which the world will not be ready.

You can see it in her face, her body, her total demeanor. Kim knows now, she’s seen it with her own eyes; she has wielded her power and realized its truth. What exactly spurred this on, I could only guess, but the important thing is that she is learning. Kim Kardashian was what?, an annoyance, the embodiment of selfishness and narcissism, the end-all-be-all of sophistication and class. But look at her now. She has not been wasting any of her time, any of her opportunity, any of her being to anything other than becoming KIM KARDASHIAN, the world’s first Queen of the World. I see you, Kim. But even better, I respect you now. Perhaps you’ve always deserved my respect, but I do not think this is true. I’m under no delusion that she is a mastermind who had planned this all along. Of course not. She is, nevertheless, smart ENOUGH to have taken everything that’s come her way and turned that back around to make something more. Kylie’s a billionaire because she got lucky, under the hard work of Kim. Kylie has not had to shovel or funnel any of her earnings back into her products; Kylie already sat atop the pyramid that Kim already built. Kim is not yet a billionaire specifically because she is the one who has had to invest all her earnings back into herself, to be the face of this Dynasty, to become something the world has yet to see. All that money that Kim makes, I would wager a hefty sum that she shovels a significant portion back into the machine so that the machine can keep on making money. It’s what every great accumulator of wealth does.

But the question is: Kim’s never really had a job, so how the hell does she do it? She’s stated that she hates being asked what it is that she does (Vogue’s 73 Questions), and it’s because she does not have a title. What does the Queen do all day? No one will ever know for sure. And, but seriously, what does she do all day? Again, of course, I have no idea, I do not know her, I’ve never even been near wherever it is that she’s been, and I’ve never attempted to even be in her proximity. I do know, nevertheless, what the life of a businesswoman looks a bit like. If I had to guess, and obviously, I’m guessing here, I would say that the majority of Kim’s day consists of making a lot of decisions. She’s the figurehead of multiple public-facing channels. Even if she herself isn’t making her perfume or makeup, everything in that process is being overseen, decided upon by Kim, herself. She also probably has some creative control over what the show airs, and she has to “attend stuff” during filming. During the other parts of her day she has to deal with stuff that rich celebrities always have to deal with: TEAMS OF PEOPLE. She has teams of people all dedicated to helping each facet of her brand (which is her bodily self) succeed, and not only succeed but also, push. I’m sure that Kim Kardashian has thought up so much stuff that has made other “public figures” and reality “stars” pull their hair out. Historically, she has dared to explore, to challenge herself, to be (forever) at the forefront of whatever IS. Now, however, she wants to rule over whatever will be. I would guess that she shifts herself slowly into being a strong, powerful puller of strings as opposed to the “talent” at the end of the strings. Feeling legitimate within the heights of celebrity, she continues to look upward toward the people with true influence, the supremely rich, the Lords of Business, the Rulers of Nations.

How do I know this? I don’t. I’m merely pontificating, equivocating about a person I’ve only glimpsed through the words of others, the videos of others, and a handful of images she’s shared with us herself (supposedly). And thus, the most interesting thing to me about Kim Kardashian is that she really was not much when this all began, and ironically, she worked really hard to prove us all wrong. Inadvertently, she made herself something only a fraction of us could even hope to aspire to, and I’m not even talking about her physical looks (which of course, one could argue she would be nothing without, at least at first). Also, don’t bitch and moan about how she behaves and portrays herself; if you were her, so would you. We women could learn a lot from Kardashian, even if she attempts to sustain a physique that’s nearly humanly impossible, she’s awesome to look at. Yea she’s vain, but she’s also learning. This is the most important thing. Kim Kardashian is getting smarter, which means she will be even better at being who she is.

In the end, I suppose I’m not entirely sure about what I’m trying so hard to communicate, except to say that we should all hope for more public figures like Kim. The world has literally watched her rise from just some slutty slut to a Queen at the head of a literal media dynasty. Everyone just needs to get over the stereotype that hot girls are dumb and smart girls are ugly. Whether or not her beauty is contrived should not matter, the majority of women slather themselves in makeup every single day, too. But Kim, she sorta forced the world into a whole new level, a whole new standard, and this, in and of itself, is not necessarily a bad thing. It does seem pointless, though. So, believe you me, I get it. I didn’t want to live in the Kardashian Dynasty, and yet, I somehow also totally did. And so, we’ve been living in the Kardashian Age whether we like it or not, and we all contributed to the making of this royal family. The Dynasty, so far, has passed its first test of time, and, so far, we’ve been lucky that Kim is mostly (fucking) sexy but also, good. She seems to want to do good, and she wants the world to be good. Lucky for us.