Best. Day. Ever. (plus, The End)

Best. Day. Ever. (plus, The End)

HOY2: D215

2017 May 24 [Wednesday]

2017 ETMC Travels: Sydney Edition
Part IV

Bondi 6

Alright, so we’ve reached the end of this retroactive travel log. The only thing left to discuss is the culmination of the Best. Day. Ever. With two full days and one mostly full day left in Australia, we spent all of our time on the water, eating the last few items we needed to consume in order to make the trip feel like a success. Thus, on Wednesday, we spent the entire day on Bondi Beach, had a picnic and then ate some calamari at a little bistro by the water called Lush on Bondi.


I can’t remember exactly what we did on Wednesday night, but I have to assume it consisted of eating at Taste (a wonderful salads restaurant that offered everything from a baby beet salad to roasted lamb in a not-self-serve buffet style, that, for anyone who has been to Sydney knows, was common place. Each buffet-style salad bar place offered different items, and Taste was the best among them, at least on Bondi Road.) I know that over the course of the last few days we ate the best sushi we’d ever had, the best lamb we’d ever had, the best beet salad I’d ever had, the best chicken salad we’d ever had, the best burger we’d ever had, the best etc., etc., &c. Also, since I don’t remember exactly when we did what, but there are pictures, we bought chocolate covered strawberries at some point and won $5.00 AUD from a scratcher!



On Thursday, the lifemate had to convince me to go walk the Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk. Uh, the only thing I can say is that I chose my lifemate, and he is a BAMF. We walked that magical coastal walk and found the Bronte Baths. All I can say at this point is, we had the Best. Day. Ever. After a nice afternoon swim, we finally stumbled upon a row of cafes that served both breakfast and burgers. So, I undoubtedly had eggs Benny on smoked salmon with a side of bacon while the lifemate, as usual, opted for a wagyu beef burger that, luckily, came with fries … I mean, chips.


I’d go into more detail about the day, but honestly, it’s a day I will never forget, and some things are best left to the memories of those involved as little secrets. Once we were off the beach and back in our Bondi Road neighborhood, I got my yearly haircut. Nothing special or fantastic, just a little trim, a new tradition (since I did the same thing whilst in Vancouver last year).

Friday was our travel day, but our flight didn’t leave Sydney until 2100. Nevertheless, we had to check out of our Airbnb (which, as a sidenote for those Airbnb hosts in Australia, INTERNATIONAL FLIGHTS TO AND FROM SYDNEY FLY THROUGH THE NIGHT! This means that it’s nearly impossible to arrive in Sydney in the afternoon, near or around most Airbnb check-in times, and it also makes leaving Sydney a drag since most Airbnb check-out times are early in the morning, meaning travelers must either drag their suitcases around town all day or deal with the whole hassle of finding a locker, etc., etc., &c. Thus, if I were an Airbnb host in Sydney, I’d have early check-ins and late check-outs, which some sort of half-price pricing for the check-in/check-out days. I only say this because Sydney is unique in this, almost exclusively night-flight situation.) *sigh. Okay, so we were supposed to check-out at 1000, but since we’d had some issues with the host and whatnot, we thought that we’d just stick around a bit until the cleaner arrived. We were all packed and ready to go at 1000 so that when we were “kicked out,” we’d be ready to just leave with an excuse like we had the poops or something.

Anyhow, by 1030, we were ready to just get home, so we left, carry-ons in tow, and headed back down to Bondi. On the way, I got a cheap manicure, which burned some time. Then, we enjoyed the water for an hour or so with our last bottle of champagne that we emptied into a water bottle. By noon, we grabbed another bottle of bubbles, lunch, and picnicked on the grassy lawn above the beach. And then it threatened to rain. So, sometime around 1430, we lugged our luggage and ourselves via bus to Bondi Junction, where we perused a bookstore and ate more food.

The rest of the day is a bit blurry. We wanted to be at the airport by 1930, and so, we hopped on the subway to Wolli Station, where we caught a cab to the airport. The reason for this revolves solely around our wanting to bypass the airport surcharge. Again, I will write a post about this, eventually. Successful, we arrived at the airport around 1830 and were seated comfortably at our gate by 1945, waiting to board our flight back to Seoul.

Since I can only speak for myself, all-in-all this was the best vacation so far. Sure there were positives and negatives compared to our Vancouver trip, but as a whole, our vacations seem to be getting better. We landed in Seoul on the afternoon of Saturday, May 13th. By 2030, Boobs, our cat was home with us as we all lounged about unwinding from our travels. Until our next vacay, check out all the pics from our 2017 ETMC Travels: Sydney Edition!

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